Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10 Very Cool Things About Being A Middle Aged Gay

10. We older gays remember "camp" as being a little bit about being ridiculous and a little bit about bold style. We have the patience for old movies where camp was king (or queen). Now it's just about being silly - at video game speeds.

9. After hippie clothes, preppie clothes, yuppie clothes, new wave and punk clothes, grunge clothes, and fetish drag, we're comfortable wearing anything we feel like. Who cares what they think?!

8. The spawn of the Sunday afternoon Tea Dance...the Sunday afternoon beer bust. That's where we shine!

7. Been there, done that....nothing to prove.

6. AARP Discounts.

5. The first "P" in PNP usually means poppers or pot. Much safer than the other stuff.

4. Remembering when being gay was a little mysterious and a little dangerous. Now, we're represented on half of the shows on television. Our lingo is everybody's lingo. (Not that the oppression and rejection was so good, but, for some of us, there was some hot romance associated with being a "sexual outlaw" back in the day. Some of us still carry a little of that spirit with us today.)

3. We remember Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Mae West from when they were still alive. Now they have Britney and Paris. Huge yawn!

2. Talking instead of texting.

1. Gay Pride was new and fun...not "just like last year".

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