Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Middle Aged Queer Partners on Network Television

On Gay TV Blog, there is an interesting article on the possibility of a middle aged gay love story being part of the "Brothers and Sisters" evening dramedy on ABC. It's a great article. Check it out. After all, isn't it popular media that validates most of us these days?

Gay TV Blog

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Reign of the Alpha Queen

I admit it. I'm a unabashed people watcher. We come in so many varieties that there is always a show to be had anywhere there are people. You can't help but to like humanity a little more after the show.

One of my favorites is the Alpha Queen. I have breakfast on either Saturday or Sunday at a little neighborhood restaurant that seems to cater to the gay and the elderly. They are not necessarily elderly gays as the gays come in all ages. The breakfast is pretty standard diner fare but if you order the right breakfast they throw in a glass of champagne which is always a great way to start a weekend day.

Anyway, almost every time there is an Alpha Queen or two holding court. You can tell the Alpha Queen by the torrent of loud opinions that comes rolling out and the group of silent minions looking sheepishly at their plates. You know that the minions fear for their very gay existence if they utter a word that might cause the Alpha Queen to pause from the roll that he is on.

Today's Alpha Queen was around my age or maybe a bit younger. He had a wary audience of two who laughed weakly at the right applause lines. This Alpha Queen's subject was religious freedom in America and in Muslim countries.

"I don't care if they think the Bible or the Koran is the literal word of God. They have no right to subject us to it," he preached.

The silent minions studied their plates.

Now the interesting thing about the Alpha Queen is that I did not have eavesdrop to share the "conversation". From 20-25 feet away in a busy restaurant, I could distinctly hear every proclamation. This made my job of people watching much easier.

I like the Alpha Queens. Their boldness is reassuring in a world that is daily looking more like a flock rather than a group of individuals. It doesn't matter what the Alphas say, just that they are saying it.

Long live the Alpha Queen!

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