Monday, March 12, 2007

I'll Answer if You Tell Me What Time It Is

On one of those gay personal sites I visited recently for, ummm, research, there was the usual cruising stats form to fill out. Who's top, bottom, or in the middle. Are you small, average, large, or oh my God? You know the kind of thing.

One of the questions asked:

For you:

  1. is sex more important than romance?

  2. is sex as important as romance?

  3. is sex less important than romance?

  4. is sex is all there is?

The choice they failed to offer, which is the only choice possible for the most experienced gay men, is:

5. all of the above is true.

Isn't it?

Doesn't it depend on what time of the day, month, or year the mature gay man happens to be experiencing? All of the choices are true.

Sex is more important than romance, say, after a break-up when one is still gun-shy about relationships.

Sex is as important as romance when one is in love and trying to figure out how to express it physically.

Sex is less important than romance when the physical stuff has reached a plateau of sameness but the relationship is still worth trying to salvage for other reasons.

Sex is all there is....let's see...isn't there an undercurrent of that all throughout our gay lives?

So, all of the above is more about timing rather than some sort of set temperament. What's with having to decide?

Don't forget to change your gay personal profiles often!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Being 40 yrs. old for me romance is far more important than the one night stand, which I found left me with a greater void than I was often feeling being single. I believe that great championship and good conversation of substance builds on romance. Sex can get old then after that, what do you really have? NOTHING! To often SGLM
are only after quick SEX, I have chosen to live diffierent today. In that I am not settling for just a booty call. I am gonna wait for the ROMANCE with a mentally, emotionally mature SGLM. I know I am worth that much.

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