Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So Much Work To Do

I found this at another blog:

I used to belong to Bally’s Total Fitness. I found the staff there to be very friendly and the equipment to be very reliable. But now, lets turn to the right a little bit where the men’s locker room is. Here’s where the problem starts. There is always some guy that is at his locker forever, trying to get a glimpse at other guys when they take off their clothes. Don’t tell me that you other gym rats haven’t noticed this! Maybe it’s because I live in Los Angeles where there is a huge gay population. But this isn’t West Hollywood mind you! That guy is always there. Three nights ago, it was an Indian guy in his mid 40s (they always seem to be middle aged). He was putting on his clothes and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when a young tattooed Latino with muscles flowing everywhere arrived. I have to admit: it would be nice to look like this young man! As I noticed the Indian man sexually molest this young man with his eyes, I kept wanting to say to this man, “Wait till he turns 30 and the belly starts to come out!” But I was really embarrassed for this middle aged desperado and the young Latino man, who didn’t have a clue that he was being “checked out.”

We've got so much work to do. "they always seem to be middle aged"!!!!! How many locker room lurkers does this guy run into in his life if he can talk in terms of "always". So, one of the 50 million middle aged gay guys hangs out perving in his locker room and he knows they "always seem to be middle aged". I mean, there's no such thing as young pervs who wants to sneak a look?! Right? Well, he hasn't been in some of the locker rooms I've been in then.

Ageism is under every rock. Even the straights want to label the middle aged queers.


Anonymous said...

It is a good thing to avoid the locker room. It can be overwhelming, because yes, we look.

Pick a local gym, walk or run there, and take care of sanitation at home.

Never being on parade, makes you sexier.


Anonymous said...

I'm in my mid 30's and I'm this guy! We're not all middle aged. I just repressed my attractions to men for so long, that they're taking this form. The locker room is the best part of going to the gym.

But I admit that once in a while, I'm the object of the eye lust from middle aged guys, and it can be nice for the ego.

Anonymous said...

So, you noticed this guy that is there all the time and he's always checking out the other guys.

He's a LURKER!!!!

OK, Now that we know what to call him.... What do we call the guy that seems to be there as much as the lurker. Who spends the same amount of time checking out the Lurker who is checking out the other guys?

Now mind you, not only is he/you checking out the Lurker, he/you is checking out all of the guys the Lurker is checking out.

So which is worse. The Lurker or the person obsessed with the Lurker?

To fit the topic, how better to post this Query (or should I say Queery)then anonymously! ~ Tyler Malone

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