Saturday, March 10, 2007

The PS (Pre-Stonewallers) in PS (Palm Springs)

Kudos to Out Magazine and their April 2007 edition. They rip off the sequined cloak of invisibility on a remarkable group of older gay men in Palm Springs.

"Queens of the Desert" written by Michael Joseph Gross with very elegant photography by Larry Sultan is an homage to pioneers of the queer movement in their late 60's, 70's, and 80's with a bit of their history and some of their current points of views. Most portrayed in this article are on the older side of middle aged. Voila! A gay article that isn't narcissistically involved with only the beauty of youth.

"On meeting these men it seemed I'd discovered a world of wall-to-wall Auntie Mames: glamorous, funny, inspiring and bold."

But if you think this is simply a love letter from Gross, you will satisfied that he also looks at the petty and sad of their lives as well as the near heroic mark they made in gay history. In other words, a balanced view of reality that reflects the dignity of these older queers. The take away is that there is something to learn from every epoch in gay history.

Pick up a copy. It's a good read.

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